Policies & Documents


  • VIC – H16/02374 – Licence to operate as an Asbestos Removalist
  • NSW – AD212543 – Friable Asbestos Removal
  • NSW – AD213273 – Restricted Demolition Licence
  • VBA – CBD-L 69113 – Class of Demolisher (low-rise buildings)
  • EPA Victoria Registered



The employer, supervisors, employees and contractors work together to ensure a safe workplace for all
whilst complying with the relevant Occupational Health & Safety legislation, our customer’s requirements
while adopting and maintaining the AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
It is the Company’s policy, therefore to promote the highest standards of safety and the elimination of injury,
loss or damage by:
• Making safety an essential and integral part of management accountability;
• Setting measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement in injury prevention;
• Having every employee and subcontractor accept safety as an individual responsibility and prerequisite in the planning of all activities;
• Identifying and assessing hazards and risks to health and safety and, where they cannot be
eliminated, they are effectively controlled;
• Carrying out appropriate educational training in safety as an integral part of the company’s training
• Using consultation as a means of problem identification, rectification and continuous improvement. 


Greenscape Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd is committed to achieving compatibility between
economic development and the maintenance of the environment.
To fulfil this commitment our employees and we the employer will observe all environmental laws by:
• Integrating environmental factors into planning and operational decisions and processes;
• Assessing the environmental effects of our activities and regularly monitoring and auditing our
environmental performance;
• Continually improving our environmental performance;
• Promote environmental awareness among our employees and contractors to increase
understanding of environmental matters

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